Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Desert RATS - Day 4 - Team complete!

VAPoR is running very smoothly, no pump or SMS hick-ups anymore and the instrument seems to be happy. We tried cooling the oven with an extra fan, but analysis of the cool-down data teaches us that the only measurable effect is more dust inside the SMS. Oven cool down is ~180 mins and we will have to live with that. 

Today was marked by several highlights, starting with a dust storm carrying in Danny Glavin (VAPoR PI).

This marked the only day that the full VAPoR Desert RATS team is out in the field. Heather is hovering between us, making our science decisions and plugging the importance of VAPoR in this test at the Science Back Room NASA Johnson Space Flight Center, where the science decisions are made.

Unfortunately, we were only complete for about an hour, with Erik and Charles heading out again. Not without being interviewed by the Desert RATS film crew, though!

Here some pictures of the interview. As soon as the interview is ready, it will appear here too.

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