Saturday, August 27, 2011

VAPoR on its way to Desert RATS!

VAPoR is on the move again!

This time to participate in the NASA Desert RATS campaign: NASA's Desert Research and Technology Studies.

Desert RATS takes place at the Black Point Lava Flow near Flagstaff, AZ, (image credit Jim Rice/ASU, taken from here).

This is the 14th Desert RATS campaign. The Desert RATS team will conduct integrated mission simulations to evaluate different conditions that will enable multiple destinations for future human exploration including high earth orbit, Lagrange points, the Moon, near-Earth asteroids (NEAs), Mars' moons, and ultimately the surface of Mars. The purpose of the Desert RATS 2011 field test is to provide quantitative and qualitative data to help answer key architectural questions and thereby help inform the development of NASA's Capability Driven Framework. (for more info click here).

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