Monday, August 23, 2010

AMASE - Day 13 - Last lab day

I just ran the last samples and unfortunately had to decleare the second oven dead as well. But, it only gave up in the last 100 °C of the heating profile, so all in all the oven worked perfectly fine for the duration of the full AMASE and I got all the results I needed. Happy me and a million thanks to Marvin, Vince, Ray and Eric, who put this oven together December 2009 and made it run all the way through the ILSO-ISRU (Hawaii) campaing and AMASE! Can't say too much about the results, yet, since they will be published at some point. 

Time to clean and p up and  VAPoR for the way back to Goddard. 

Some more random pics.

Geologist, doing his geologist thing:

Polar bear warning...

Local art work

Polar fox (thanks, Carole for the picture)

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  1. Hi Inge!!
    How are you?
    You're welcome for the picture. This fox is really cute!
    I would like to know if you have the pictures of the initiation from Jen or Anthonio or another one. I have nothing and I would like to get a few ones.