Monday, August 16, 2010

AMASE - Day 5 and 6 - the real deal

After a few days of orientation, playing around, and getting used to the cold and group and everything else, it was time to get some samples analyzed!

We started off with two unknown calibration samples and then it's time for the real real samples. Everybody will run the same samples so we will get the most extensive data set possible. It looks like it will be a really fruitful expedition for me, even in the first two days I've already learned so much! I even managed to look at a rock and make some useful comments.



Below some more outdoorsy pictures, the scenery here is so distracting, I can't help staring out of the window every other minute...  We have a dedicated filmer (Dave) and photographer (Kjell-Ove) here who make me feel a little amateurish.. So perhaps I'll borrow one of their shots with permission. 

Dave shooting reindeer

The iceberg from a few days ago


1 comment:

  1. He Skatje,
    nou zeg, als jouw foto's amateuristisch zijn dan vraag ik mij af hoe veel mooier alles nog kan worden. Wowie zeg!!!!
    Geniet er van, van alles: guns, polar bears, de kou, de proeven, leren, gewoon uit je raam staren, resulaten enzo....
    Liefs, Tinus.