Thursday, August 12, 2010

AMASE - Day 2 - setup

Hello world :)

Luckily, I brought my airplane mask and had a very good, though bit short night of sleep.

Today started with a 9AM briefing about the plans for the next two weeks, shortly summarized as - there are several samples sites and we will go there when safety allows it (read - no polar bears, no fog that prevent helicopter landing - no bad weather in general). So hopefully weather and polar bears will cooperate!

Then we got a tour of the different labs and it was time to setup our own experiments. VAPoR hasn't really changed much since Hawaii, so the setup was relatively straightforward. 

Our lab (Vaskerilab or Laundrylab... interesting)
Good.. where to start: 

Of course one of the oven did again not survive the trip... And of course the surviving one is the same one used in Hawaii, so perhaps we just should send that one off to a random planet and not be too worried about mass and power requirements. Hopefully it keeps working for the next two weeks.

Some interesting observations after 1 day: 

* Our (the Goddard crew) definition of portable seems to be slightly different than that of the other groups... In their advantage. But then again, we started building VAPoR about a year ago. 

Here the German-French MOMA team - I want small orange VAPoR boxes too!!

*  I took my shoes off and put them back on today at least 15 times... At least I brought croccs  (see above) for the lab (thanks Verena!). Some people solved the cold-feet issue a little differently.

Like Danish Tor the Rock Crusher

* the recycling here should be an example for the rest of the world - 18 different recycle bins! (including, food, hard plastic, soft plastic, paper, cardboard)

* hours here are a little unconventional. 
Breakfast 7.30-8.30
Lunch 12.20-13.00
Dinner 16.40-17.15
So now, at 21.45 I'm starving again...

Another view of the blue ice, this time through a telescope...


  1. Hi dear Ingus-Loesus,

    it looks very cosy! Have a great trip and say hello to the polar bears (and please call one after me).

    Very big HUG,

  2. Lieve Ingepingetje,
    wat geweldig dat we weer mee kunnen kijken. Net als je ouders ben je weer aan het "grenzen verkennen en grenzen verleggen"

  3. I'm glad to see the Goddard girls arrived! Fabulous photos of the glaciers, it looks amazing. And at least you have power - we are without again in Silver Spring. I think I would be better off living in the arctic...
    Melissa T.

  4. Excellent overview of the "scientific expedition" with clear & crisp photos! Keep it up, Inge!

    Best wishes,
    Prabhakar Misra