Monday, July 23, 2012

MMAMA Field Testing - Apollo Valley

First, I clearly have to watch what I'm writing, apparently I caused a lot of stir with my post that Magnus had fallen ill. So good news - he managed to make it up the mountain on the last day as well! 

The last day then... Those last days are always filled with mixed feelings, even in a short campaign like this year's. You've been working very hard and get all absorbed in your own little world and then all of a sudden it's done, you need to pack up and get back to reality. Luckily, we did not have a too sudden transition, but did get to go out in the field after we packed VAPoR and MeSH back in their crates again.

Just a last note before the pretty views - thanks all MMAMA field campaigners for a great trip! I learned a lot again. Charles and Magnus, thanks a lot for coming along, helping out, generating new ideas, and just in general being so much fun to be around. Hopefully until next year!

360° panorama of Apollo Valley

one lesson learned - things are bigger in real life than they look on panoramic cameras

rover tracks :)

a'a lava flow

pahoehoe lava flow

rocks lining up in wind ripples

clouds catching up on us




on top of Mauna Kea (can't get enough of it...)

inside Keck 

more on Mauna Kea summit

and one last look into the valley

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