Sunday, July 15, 2012

MMAMA field testing - the plan

Tomorrow, Monday July 16, the real testing starts. This is more or less what will be going on:

At 7.00 the rover starts it's traverse at the site, collecting images and data in situ. There are only a few people allowed on the site who know the exact context of the site, the rest of us has to stay at the science operations room. Around 17.00 the rover is done and all the data will be dispersed to the science team members. 

After dinner, the science team starts, which can range anywhere between 2 - 6 hours. In this meeting we will discuss the data, form a first idea about the site we are studying, based on the rover information we have, and make a plan for Day 2.

The official test will last three days.

VAPoR is for the time being a bit an odd one out, since we are to big still to be mounted on a rover. So instead of doing in situ measurements, we will do all our analyses in the science ops room. Another difference is that, since VAPoR measurements take a bit of time, we will get our samples a day ahead. The few people who will be up at the site now the traverse we will follow, so they will pick out samples for us, that we can run during the day. That way we will have data of the same locations as all the rover mounted instruments and can participate realtime in the discussions.

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