Wednesday, July 18, 2012

MMAMA Field Testing - TEST DAY 3

First, apologies for making people nervous by not posting a blog. Day 2 was so uneventful that I really couldn't squeeze a story out. So, we're all good!

Actually, we're even better! Today is the last official test day and FINALLY everything worked as it should (ok apart from the software issues, that are still there, but the crappy (excuse my language) excel workaround I put together actually works quite fine!).

The last day is a good opportunity to just in time officially introduce the MeSH-VAPoR team.
LTR: Inge, Charles, and Magnus, we even look kinda happy!

So, today we spent our day trying to get back in track with the rest of the crew and analyze as many samples as we could. We made it to 4! Data are looking good, but very mysterious, and it seems that there may be an effort to write this up, so it looks like we still have some work to do when we get home. But some of the data are so intriguing that it is worth the effort.

Charles and I, each in our own universe with our own soundtrack.

Magnus finished up a bit earlier than we did, so he already packed up and will most likely spend tomorrow in bed, since he managed to get quite sick. We're happy that neither MeSH nor Magnus fell apart before the end of the test. 

The major goals of this test for us was to integrate MeSH and VAPoR operations and be in sync with the rest of the field instruments. We reached both goals and we even came up with a couple very nice ideas on how to integrate MeSH and VAPoR even further. So, I call this field test a success! 

Tomorrow we will pack and finally get to visit the field site, so one more blog tomorrow with some pictures of the sites where our samples were collected.

For now, the view I have in the morning when I leave my cabin:

And the view I have, before I go to bed (from APOD)

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